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Seventeen-year-old Princess Kayden Branimir grew up training as an elite assassin to protect her identity and her mother’s throne. Born with a rare healing magic that a prophecy predicts will save the world and bring glory to her domain, Kayden is kept close by her mother who intends to use her magic as a weapon to conquer their enemies. The problem? Kayden doesn’t want to be controlled, and she’d rather pretend the prophecy doesn’t exist. Kayden’s life takes a turn when she receives a cryptic letter from someone she long thought dead—her twin sister. Trapped in Leodia—rival territory—she begs Kayden to rescue her. Determined to save her sister’s life, Kayden defies her mother and sneaks into Leodia undercover as Nila Stone. She refuses to lose her sister a second time, even if it means taking down the Leodian generals one by one.

Eighteen-year-old Zara Tait serves as a spy for the Leodian queen, tasked with hunting down the terrorist group her father started. When Zara learns the terrorists are peacemakers and that the queen fabricated the deadly attacks, Zara wants nothing more than to leave the queen’s service, but she knows she’ll wind up dead if she tries. Then her chance comes unexpectedly when the Leodian queen offers Zara release from her duties if she completes one last assignment: track down Nila Stone—whose powerful energy hasn’t gone unnoticed—to learn what her magic is capable of. But Zara didn’t consider that she'd grow close to the cute warrior girl. A little too close.

As Zara unearths Nila’s true identity as Kayden Branimir, she must decide between her freedom and the girl she hadn’t meant to fall for. Her decision seems clear when she learns the queen intends to steal Kayden’s magic to control domains, but once the Leodian queen catches on to Zara’s wavering loyalty, she threatens to kill everyone Zara loves if she fails this assignment. One choice will lead to the deaths of everyone Zara knew; one will bring destruction to entire domains. That is, if Kayden doesn’t kill her first.

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