I often get asked for writing, editing, and publishing advice. Due to this, I've partnered with my colleague Stephi Cham to create a Kofi page dedicated to topics such as world-building, character development, pacing, plot/structure, writing habits, self-editing tips, self vs traditional publishing, querying agents, distribution platforms, and many others.

On top of that, the Ko-fi page will give you access to:


  • free chapter evaluations

  • free query and synopsis critiques

  • discounted editing and web design services

  • coaching

  • and many more resources 

A few articles are available for free, but monthly subscribers will receive access to all exclusive content for $5/month, which includes the discounts, free critiques, and 2-3 articles per month.

If you are interested, please find the Kofi page below.

Thank you for your support! Please enjoy this free guide "Things Your Editor Wishes You Knew."

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