"Haley is a fantastic developmental editor that I would recommend to anyone at any stage of their writing career. Not only is she the fastest editor I’ve worked with, she’s also the most in depth. Her notes were like a personal master class catered just for me and I was so excited to dive in. While going through her suggestions, I learned how to correct long-standing mistakes and bad habits in my writing that I’ve been doing wrong for years. I was also able to see the weaker spots in my story and plot holes that I’d never have been able to spot on my own. Haley is the magic ingredient for getting any writing project to the next level. I can see myself working with her on all my future manuscripts, and I can’t wait."

-Tiffani Barth

"Haley's developmental edits made each draft of my manuscript ten times better. She gives excellent guidance when it comes to plot, character arcs, and addressing habits I hadn't known I'd fallen into as a writer. Haley opened my eyes to a hundred improvements and to techniques that helped keep my writing at a high standard even after completing the current project. I definitely recommend working with her."

-Jabe Stafford

"I have used editors and beta readers for all my novels and TV series work. Haley Sulich is the best of the bunch. Her work is professional, neat and concise. She finishes on time as promised. 


Additionally, her comments are clear and helpful. Her most recent effort on my horror novel guided me through a rewrite, which greatly improved the book. 


I would not hesitate to recommend her to assist and collaborate on any writing project, and I will use her as often as I can in the future."

-George Young

"Haley is a fantastic developmental editor with valuable insight and a great eye for detail. The constructive criticism she provided for my novel was indispensable. She was happy to discuss my questions in greater detail as needed and gave me a clear idea of what was working in the story and what wasn’t. The book wouldn’t be what it is now without her feedback."


-T.A. Hernandez


"Haley Sulich completed the edit in a timely fashion. She was very helpful in pointing out the parts of the craft that I needed to work on to improve my writing. She helped me know what I was doing right, and where I was missing the mark. She gave me a thorough edit of my book with countless side notes throughout, and a detailed editorial letter summarizing the plot, pacing, description, and characters. She's given me a lot of work to do, but more importantly, she's given me a guide to use in the next round of rewrites and editing. I highly recommend her developmental editing services." (Update: Eric is now part of the Wattpad Stars and Wattpad Paid Stories program.)


-Eric Dabbs



"The beta read was great! Not only did I get a LOT of honest feedback from Haley, but I was also given pointers on how to make my manuscript better. She gave me information on things that some editors would not and now I am on the proper track to creating a professional and well thought out manuscript. Her response time is very quick and her communication skills are top notch. I was very impressed with the beta service and I will definitely use Haley again for a beta read for future projects." (Update: Sade is now represented by agent Naomi Davis of BookEnds Literary.)

-Sade Smith



"I have to admit that I was skeptical about paying for beta reading at first. Many other authors told me they get great feedback from going to friends, family, and writing groups and get great feedback. I did not have those results. I was ready to jump into a full round of developmental editing when Haley suggested a beta read first.  Haley’s feedback was fast, accurate, and crammed a surprising amount of information into two pages. She was able to confirm flaws in my manuscript I wasn’t sure about and pointed out many more I didn’t even know existed. Haley’s feedback has helped me improve as a writer and my first book will ultimately be far stronger for it. If you haven’t had much luck with beta readers or just want someone to take a much sharper look at your manuscript, a beta read from Write Plan is the way to go."


-Waldo Rodriguez

“Haley is a phenomenal developmental editor. Her clear and thorough feedback has helped me take my writing to the next level after a long period of feeling stagnant.  She has provided valuable insight on plot holes, character development, pacing, dialogue, and much more. She was able to identify weaknesses in my manuscript that I never would’ve caught on my own.  Haley has played a key role in the strengthening of my manuscript and my growth as a writer. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

-Taylor Thomas

"Haley was a tremendous help in editing and critiquing a three-page synopsis of my manuscript. Her editorial changes were extremely thorough. Her comments were insightful and helped me to think about my messaging. And she did all of this with a quick turnaround, as per my request. I highly recommend Haley's services." (Update: Amy Carroll is now represented by agent Bob DiForio of D4EO Literary Agency.)

-Amy Carroll

"Haley’s critique of my synopsis and query letter was invaluable. The cost was very reasonable since she generously included two rounds of editing in the price. Her feedback provided a perfect balance of what worked and what needed work and I was very impressed with how quickly she got back to me. Best of all, my query and synopsis has resulted in three manuscript requests so far!" (Update: J Crocker is now represented by agent Clare Wallace of Darley Anderson Children's.)


-J Crocker

"Haley is a fantastic editor. We worked together on my query letter, synopsis, and opening pages. Haley was incredibly thoughtful in her feedback, quick to respond to revisions, and supportive all throughout the editing process. I am so appreciative to her for how much clearer, exciting, and concise she made my pitch. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to tighten up their novel submission package ahead of querying agents. I hope to work with her again soon!"


-Sydney Rossman-Reich


"Haley Sulich came to my aid when I was having some major problems with my agent query letter. In a series of exchanges she worked with me to get the letter into the right format, and then worked through the content. She helped me get to the core of my story, working with me to find the hook and really focus on the important aspects of the main plot line.


Haley is professional and responsive in her feedback. Well worth the investment at this critical stage of presenting my novel to prospective agents."


-Jacqui Greaves

"Haley helped me whip my query into shape within days. She handles all communications promptly and professionally. Her critiques are extremely thorough, helpful, and fair. She addresses structure, diction, punctuation, and clarity. Changes are accompanied by clear explanations for why she made the changes she did. If you're looking for sound advice, expert help, and stellar attention to detail, your query will be in great hands with Haley and Write Plan."

-Jessica Bywater

"Writers are told repeatedly that query letters are so important and it becomes overwhelming, like you're trying to write the most important admission essay ever (seriously, undergrad and grad school personal essays were easy compared to this). I thought I was on the right track, but I got a few rejections and started feeling uncertain. Haley approached me on Twitter and I decided to accept her help. The prices are incredibly reasonable for the in-depth feedback she gives and the obvious amount of consideration that she puts into each draft. We did a few rounds of feedback and she helped turn my query into a much cleaner version of what it was. It's got a better, more compelling hook and she assisted in eliminating some things that really didn't fit. I'm much happier with the query letter now and I got a partial manuscript request after a few weeks of using it. I highly recommend using Haley's critique services."


-Mary Osteen