Pre-designed Sites

($150 - $275 USD)

If you're looking for a pre-designed website to fit your budget, you can choose one from our gallery. Every site starts with a base price dependent on the design's level of complexity. The base price includes the following: a home page, an about page, a contact page, and a social media bar. Once you've found a site you like, you can fill out the order form. At an additional cost, you can request more elements to the site, including but not limited to blogs, newsletter forms, additional pages, galleries, and chat forums. I can also change the font type or site color and provide other alterations.


Once the site's design is complete and the additional elements added, I will add the content for you (e.g., biography for your about page).


Once you buy a site, it's yours. I will not sell the design to anyone else.

Custom Sites

(Starting at $300 USD)


Custom-designed sites are offered at a base price of $300. A home page, an about page, a contact page, and a social media bar are included in the base price. I will work closely with you to create the design style you want for your site, whether it's an author site, a blog, a store, or another type of site. Once we've established the design you wish to use, I will begin building your pages and adding the content you've sent to me. I can add more elements to your site, such as a blog or additional pages, at an additional cost.


Additional Elements

  • Stock Photos ($10 per photo)

  • Stock Videos ($25 per video)

  • Additional Pages ($10-$25 per page)

  • Blog ($30-$60)

  • Newsletter Sign-up Form + Setup ($20-$35)

  • Photo Galleries ($25-$45)

  • Image Slideshow ($5 per image)

  • Chat Forum ($15-$35)


For anything else not listed, I will give you a custom quote on those elements. I am flexible with pricing, so if you need a more complex site but have budget limitations, we can negotiate pricing to make things work.


Interested? Get in touch!

To request a custom site, please fill out the form here. My web design services are offered through Write Plan.